Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Summer LookBook - 2013

Change your style with the latest beauty and hair trends straight off the WIFW runway 

Bold & beautiful

Not for the faint hearted, bold lips and wet- hair conveys a heightened sense of evening glamour and confidence. To achieve this super sleek look, straighten your tresses with a hair iron and make a sharp side parting. Next, tie a low pony towards one side at the nape of your neck. Lastly, lightly apply a smooth control gelcream to flatten flyways. 

 If opting for a smooth swirl, apply a high gloss serum to wet hair and pull it back. Divide it into 3 sections- the centre and two on the sides as this adds structure to the look. Tie a low pony tail, curve your hair upwards and fasten. Tuck with pins and add hairspray to set it in place. For a bold pout, choose a strong lip colour like plum, maroon or wine, add some gloss for shimmer and keep makeup neutral.

The tribal touch
The look is big this season and very simple to create. Thick eyebrows, painted lips and natural cheeks are an absolute must for this. For tribal braids, comb your hair out and apply a little bit of gel throughout. Multiple braids can be achieved with braiding hair from the top, right to the nape of the neck. Tie a ponytail at the nape of the neck and straighten.

 For the semi-mohawk look, divide your hair in three sections and completely flatten the sides with a hair gel. Make a slightly messy buff at the centre using a Play Ball and let wispy strands fly for a relaxed feel. Pin the hair together and you’re set for the day!

Hail that messy crown
A relaxed and casual hairstyle looks very feminine and flirty for everyday wear during summer. The key is to add texture to your crown area, which can be achieved simply by applying a bit of Play Ball and running your fingers through your hair. Tie a knot at the back, like you would usually do at home, or braid it into an uber stylish fishtail braid.

 Lastly, loosen out the braid and take out a few strands of hair to give it a cool, boho feel. A few gold bob pins along with minimum eye makeup and strong lips help nail the look.

Experimental queen

Quirky and fun, push the envelope with this look that'll give an edge to even the simplest of dresses. For your mane, take sections of hair and make swirls and rolls by twisting it around your fingers. Keep them all up with the help of pins and a good hairspray like Elnett Hairspray. Finally, leave some loose strands open at the back.

 Add drama with makeup by opting for washed out cheeks, popup and bright tints for lips and smoky eyes. Remember to get dressed before creating this look as it will be impossible to wear any small necked shirt after you've styled your hair and make-up.
Picture's: L'Oreal Professionnel


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